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 As a speaker, Joanne Alexander is seasoned with humor, revelatory insight, compassion and graced to effectively relate and connect with the hearts and minds of her audience.  Using her God given wisdom, spiritual understanding and personal testimonies; she delivers messages purposed to inspire and empower.  Though Joanne’s overall theme is focused on impacting her audience to rise up, create their best life and live everyday abundantly blessed; it is also centered in experiencing and demonstrating the ALL POWERFUL Hand and Love of GOD, having intimacy of relationship with Christ and walking in maturity.


Some of Joanne’s requested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Self Control, Accountability and Being Present
  • Inner Wealth
  • Transitioning From a 9 – 5 to Living Your Purpose (Making Your Vision Tangible)
  • Overcoming Life Challenges and Reigning in Life Through Love
  • Spiritual Warfare Warrior