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(from the Reigning in Love “Kick-Start Monday’s” 02/16/2015 Prayer Call)
“My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14
Rest in God!  Lay aside every weight, every issue and anything that is a cause of concern! The psalmist said that God will perfect everything that concerneth me!  That goes for you too!   Choose this morning to let go and trust God, because He has already worked that thing out in your favor!  He has already called you by name and has identified you as an overcomer, more than a conqueror and victorious!  Let me remind you that His word cannot return to Him void!  You are sealed with and empowered by His Spirit!  Don’t stress and don’t try to figure it out in your own strength!  In spite of your circumstances, the Blessing is on your life!


God says, “You didn’t choose me but I chose you and I am faithful to do all that I said I would do!  Have a seat and watch me make all your enemies your footstool!  Do not fear them nor their reports! Be bold, stand strong and trust in me.  I am going to use your very circumstance as a platform to demonstrate my goodness, my lovingkindness and my love for those who are called by my name.Glory to God!Rest easy my friends, the Lord is for you and will fight for you!Let us pray:

Father God! I thank you this morning for every caller/reader!  I speak life and blessings over each and every one.  May they have the faith to speak to every mountain and may you demonstrate your faithfulness by moving miraculously on their behalf.  Bless them increasingly with your wisdom and may they be prosperous in all the works of their hands.  Cause them to flourish and let their light shine bright.I speak against the spirits of fear and doubt.  I declare that they will fulfill every assignment that you have spoken upon their lives.  Give them creative ideas, methods and strategies.  I declare that the gates of heaven release supernatural provision for their God given visions, ministries, businesses, careers, households, families and loved ones.  May they be in good health and prosper in their sprit, soul and body.  May their words be as life giving water to all they encounter.I destroy every evil assignment of the enemy with your holy fire and plead the blood of Jesus over their homes, families and loved ones.  I release peace, faith, hope and your divine love to overtake them and may this day mark the day of the undeniable overflow of your presence in and through their lives.  Let them glow inside and out with the fruits of your Spirit.

In Jesus name we pray!  Amen, Amen & Amen!♚ The BLESSING is on Your LIFE! ♚
“I will bless you … and you will be a blessing.” Genesis 12:2

In His Love,

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